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December 2001
Foshan City European standard Furniture Co., Ltd. was established

January 2002
Guangdong Province Furniture Association

March 2002
To attend the first session of China (Lecong) International Furniture Fair

March 2002
Member of China Furniture Association

August 2002
Hongkong China Guangdong Furniture Group Co., Ltd., to become the Chinese market and general agent

September 2002
Take part in the second China (Lecong) International Furniture Fair

November 2002
European standard brand products were rated as "green decoration products"

June 2003
Through ISO9001 (2000) international quality management system certification


March 2003
To participate in the "Dragon furniture" Exhibition

April 2003
Take part in the third China (Lecong) International Furniture Fair


July 2003
European brand products by the Chinese interior decoration Association as "green decoration products"

August 2003
All brand products through Guangdong Province Technical Supervision and inspection of furniture products quality supervision and inspection station inspection qualified


October 2003
Take part in the fourth China (Lecong) International Furniture Fair

November 2003
China and the United States to become the United States and China to promote cooperation in international cooperation and exchange of Chinese


November 2003
European standard brand products, "the quality of the letter to the product"

April 2004
Take part in the Fifth China (Lecong) International Furniture Fair


May 2004
To attend the fifth Xi'an international hotel equipment and supplies exhibition


August 2004
To participate in the fourteenth China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, the introduction of the European series products have been a great success, in the development of the European standard company milestone in the history of the significance;


October 2004
Take part in the Sixth China (Lecong) International Furniture Fair