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11 2016.3

Longjiang furniture two exhibition will be held on the 17 day

Introduction: the 31st international Longjiang furniture exhibition and the 21st session of the Asia International Furniture Expo AIFME on March 17, 20, respectively in Shund... MORE>>
16 2016.1

3D printing technology will promote high-tech furniture

Abstract: with the people in the wardrobe furniture and the requirements of environmental protection, science and technology content of furniture is also change rapidly. Tech... MORE>>
31 2015.10

People throw big furniture will be fined

In daily life, many people moved into or home decoration, abandoned the old furniture and decoration of garbage to how to deal with is "check", some people will ste... MORE>>
31 2015.10

Foshan furniture industry serious overcapacity The industry says face big reshuffle this year

Compared with the depression furniture stores, furniture increasingly heated competition in the industry. "House prices have increased ten times ten years, the same set ... MORE>>
30 2015.10

Beijing international furniture exhibition next year

Oubiao furniture on October 26, BIFF2016 Beijing international furniture exhibition press conference held in Beijing. According to introducing, BIFF, Beijing international fu... MORE>>