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How to distinguish solid wood furniture Understand the 10 strokes is no longer difficult

Introduction: many families will choose the atmosphere of the high-end solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is made of natural solid wood, the use of solid wood materials, and then through the work... MORE>>

Solid wood furniture maintenance knowledge

Solid wood furniture how to maintain? Facing the high price of solid wood furniture, you are not already at a loss? Today Xiaobian teach you how to maintain the furniture, make sure your home The brightness dazzles the eyes!... MORE>>

Custom furniture little common sense

Let indoor decoration design with the rise of the overall draw a custom furniture, furniture and tailored to let more healthy environmental protection material, space, get more reasonable use, more close to the user personal... MORE>>

Fish farming household geomantic common sense - household is common sense

Now many families like to fish, someone to watch, someone is in order to can prosperous wealth. Fish can not prosperous wealth? Feng shui on opinion, "the household water main goods", in fish without water in natur... MORE>>

Autumn is dry, the wooden furniture also to filling water

Is now late autumn season, as the weather turn gradually cool, air also gradually become dry up. For solid wood furniture, afraid of be in a dry environment for a long time, because it is easy to make solid wood furniture ag... MORE>>